Avidus: A Powerful New Investment App

Case Study
June 26, 2023


Successful Financial Advisors Taylor Hoffman know better than to rest on their laurels. After years of growing their clients’ wealth, they had a big idea: taking their proven strategies and scaling them using the latest technology. They also knew that big ideas only live up to their potential when they are thoughtfully executed, so they assembled a proven team to better understand how to position, design, and communicate their new product.


Taylor Hoffman partnered with Brand Federation to identify key target segments, position the new brand, name the brand, and execute a communication strategy that would enable the brand to grow and scale. 

Brand Federation began the process with a deep dive into leadership’s thinking, interviewing key stakeholders to fully understand the concept, resources, ideas, and vision that were driving the development of the product. Then, we explored the marketplace—including downloading and conducting trials of competitive applications. Finally, we immersed ourselves in the mindset of the everyday investor, conducting both primary and secondary research that highlighted  the need sets and mindsets of those most likely to adopt the product. 

Armed with extensive research, the new product was positioned, and then the naming and design process began. We worked with visual design partners Think804 to bring the new brand, Avidus, to life visually. We then brought in Creative Direction firm English Major to execute a launch video that articulated the key value proposition of the application in a creative and engaging manner.


Today, the Avidus app is live and available in the App Store. They are managing $325 million in assets and enjoy a 4.9 star app rating.


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