Bechtel’s 125th Anniversary: Extraordinary Teams Building Inspiring Projects

Case Study
September 26, 2023


Bechtel, one of the world’s top engineering and infrastructure firms, reached a milestone few companies do: 125 years in business. 

In celebrating the accomplishment, Bechtel’s leaders recognized a golden opportunity to reinvigorate its brand with both customers and employees and reinforce the values that built the company. The firm tapped Brand Federation to turn a global announcement into a powerful restatement of conviction that will carry the company through its next 125 years.

Our Approach

Brand Federation first immersed itself in the extensive research Bechtel conducted with its global clients and employees. 

Qualitative and quantitative research focused on uncovering what the organization meant to its customers and the communities they serve. It also revealed the firm's role in the lives of thousands of Bechtel professionals. The voluminous data provided Brand Federation a roadmap to reinvigorating the venerable firm’s brand positioning to mark its milestone anniversary. It also gave Bechtel’s design firm, Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv (CGH), the foundation it needed to refresh its logo for a new century of service.


Brand Federation’s collaborative work with Bechtel's team led to a refreshed vision statement:

Extraordinary teams building inspiring projects. 

It also updated Bechtel’s Values and Commitments, guiding principles that have shaped the firm over its many decades in business. 

The refreshed messaging platform supported Brand Federation’s development of other assets to mark the firm’s 125th anniversary, including:

  • executive communications to employees worldwide, 
  • an internal brand ambassador program to stoke excitement for the anniversary, and 
  • a powerful “brand story” deck that celebrates the past and looks to the future.

With an updated logo, Bechtel rallied employees and customers worldwide for an exciting new chapter in the firm’s history.


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