Brands and Creative Expression

Dave Muhlenfeld, co-founder of English Major LLC, discusses the creative process and plays a juicy jingle about the jingle that inspired his career.

Beer & Brands
Episode 17

On this episode of Beer & Brands, Kelly and Matt grab a beer with David Muhlenfeld (Creative Director & Co-Founder at English Major LLC) at Kindred Spirit in Richmond, VA to go over how brand consultancies work with a creative partner, his background writing brand melodies, and the winners and losers of Super Bowl LVII.

Brewery of the Episode

Kindred Spirit Brewing (Richmond, VA)

Beer of the Episode

Czech In Hand: Pilsner

Frequency Modulation: IPA

Four Monks: Belgian Quadrupel

Creative Partnership

Dave shares what it's like working with brand strategists as a creative partner.

Brand Melodies

Dave goes over what brand melodies are and busts out the guitar to sing a song about his favorite one.

Brand Winners and Losers

The trio discuss Super Bowl winners and losers and why high-profile stunts are tricky. If brands aren’t careful, stunts won’t yield much beyond "Gronk kicking a field goal."

Brand Winner: Doritos

Brand Loser: Amazon

Brand Winner: The Farmer's Dog

Brand Winner: Workday

Brand Loser: Ads Featuring Celebrities

Brand Loser: FanDuel

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Beer & Brands