Brands - Know and Stand Up for Your Values

Kelly and Matt discuss the overlap with values and brand strategy, how to respond when a brand's values are threatened, and how to prepare to defend them.

Beer & Brands
Episode 21
August 15, 2023

Brewery of the Episode

Väsen Brewing Company (Richmond, VA)

Beer of the Episode

00:55Norse (Double IPA) and Radapils (Pilsner)

Episode Overview

Brands Coming Under Fire Today

03:10 | Kelly sets up the conversation for the day with brand fires at Bud Light, Target, and Chic-fil-A.

The Overlap with Values and Brand Strategy

05:36 | Kelly and Matt discuss the nuances of values and brand strategy and how they intersect as if in a Venn Diagram.

Brand Response when Values are Threatened

07:56 | Kelly shares some advice for brands who are coming under fire and how to stand up for their values.

09:12 | Kelly reflects on moments for brands when defending their values impacted the bottom line. Some case studies include Nike, Home Depot, Coca-Cola, John Deere.

13:33 | Matt highlights some advantages and ways brands can prepare to defend their values when threatened ahead of time.

15:45 | Kelly shares another case study for Coca-Cola where the CEO inspired great work for their brand that exemplified the company's values.

Väsen Brewing Company

19:30 | Tony Giordano shares a story about a moment for the brand on Instagram and what's coming up for the brewery in the summer.

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