Effective Content Marketing

Ron Carey joins Kelly and Matt to talk about the effective of use content marketing, the impact of AI on content and brand, and Tilt Creative + Production.

Beer & Brands
Episode 20
June 26, 2023

Brewery of the Episode

Isley Brewing Company (Richmond, VA)

Beer of the Episode

00:29 | Mango Seltzer & American Pale Ale

Special Guest of the Episode

01:54 | Ron Carey, Founder & CEO at Tilt Creative + Production

Episode Overview

Content Marketing vs Traditional Advertising

02:39 | Ron Carey shares what it means to do content marketing effectively and how content marketing is different from traditional advertising.

How to Screw Up Content Marketing

04:33 | Ron Carey warns of some pitfalls marketers can run into when going about content marketing. Matt Williams even shares a case study with Coca-Cola's first website during his time at The Martin Agency.

Content Marketing Advice for Marketing Directors

10:31 | Ron Carey outlines three key takeaways about content marketing for Marketing Directors.

Brand Winners and Losers

11:49 | The trio discuss the elephant in the room -- will content and brands be winners or losers in the world of AI?

Tilt Creative + Production

20:07 | Kelly O'Keefe has Ron Carey take a trip down memory lane on how his company, Tilt Creative + Production got started.

Isley Brewing Company

24:08 | Josh Stamps gives the 411 on what's happening at the brewery.

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