2023 Naughty & Nice List for Brands

Brand Federation's third annual Naughty & Nice List for Brands is here! Kelly O'Keefe and Matt Williams made their list and they've checked it twice.

Beer & Brands
Episode 24
January 11, 2024

Naughty List for Brands 2023


This coworking space used branding as a cover for a crappy business.

Bud Light

This beer brand’s withdrawal of supporting Dylan Mulvaney is a complete fold on their conviction: a beverage "for every person, for every occasion."


This video conferencing service, synonymous with making 21st-century knowledge work from anywhere possible, called employees back to the office.

Silicon Valley Bank

This banking brand’s collapse was rooted in miscommunication.

Nice List for Brands 2023

Garth Brooks

This country singer is exemplifying conviction with his new bar in Nashville with one simple rule.


This short-term rental brand responded quickly to the wildfires in Maui.


This toy company released a movie based off an iconic doll brand, and made the brand even more iconic by empowering women.

Delta Air Lines

An airline met some unintended brand turbulence but teaches an important lesson for brands -- knowing when to admit mistakes.

Brands that Santa is Watching in 2024

Open AI

This emerging tech brand is de-mystifying and popularizing generative artificial intelligence, but recent drama with their board and CEO puts their future at stake.


This technology company has always been known for its innovative hardware, but releases this year are a far cry away from what the brand has been known for.

Beyond Inc.

This newly formed parent brand for home goods businesses has gone through it all – bankruptcy, acquisition, and a new brand architecture. 

Barnes & Noble

A national book retail chain unveiled a new brand plan that doesn’t appear to not have any consistency.

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