Organic vs Manufactured Buzz

Kelly O'Keefe and Matt Williams talked all about buzz ahead of the Super Bowl tomorrow in their latest Cold Take.

Beer & Brands
Cold Take #12
May 24, 2024


00:00 Intro to Cold Takes

00:16 Organic vs Manufactured Buzz

03:46 Elmo on X/Twitter

06:12 Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs at the Grammys

09:50 Larry David on the Today Show

11:43 Super Bowl Advertising 2024

18:33 Summary & Takeaway


Difference Between Organic and Manufactured Buzz

"There's buzz that happens on its own because somebody has an idea that catches on in popular culture. And then I think there's buzz that tends to be built to become buzz."

Matt Williams, Managing Partner at Brand Federation

Pre-Released Super Bowl Advertising

"To show [the ads] before the competition starts is like telling us who's going to win, and we know it's going to be Kansas City."

Kelly O'Keefe, Founding Partner at Brand Federation

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