Brands & Recession: 5 Steps to Take During a Recession

Kelly O’Keefe and Matt Williams discuss how to manage brands through a downturn so that they’re positioned strongly for the upturn when it arrives.

Webinar Overview

5 Steps Brands Should Take During a Recession

  1. 00:03 Stay close to customers to retain them
  2. 02:08 Leverage insight for innovation
  3. 06:05 Adopt an investment mindset
  4. 11:06 Avoid knee-jerk reaction
  5. 13:08 Keep your perspective


  • 16:47 What can or should marketing do to keep employees rallied in tough times?
  • 20:51 What signs marketers can look for that a recession might be beginning to turn?
  • 24:38 What are the most important things to measure during and after a recession?
  • 28:15 What are the best ways to conduct customer research?
  • 32:49 How should marketers talk to senior leaders about marketing in a recession?
  • 34:58 How do you measure which parts of marketing spend are performing?
  • 37:07 When do pricing adjustments for products or services become an important factor?
  • 40:10 What tools are you using to track the effectiveness of specific marketing strategies?
  • 44:47 In new products, how do you look at pricing versus established products?
  • 47:08 How effective can an increased focus on earned/organic media be for brands during recessions?
  • 49:54 Any examples of recession born innovation that accelerated a company through a downturn?

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