Where Remote Workers are Working (Physically)

Paul Atienza shares where people are (physically) when working remotely and discusses the future of where people work.

Physical Work Spaces

 According to research conducted by Pew at the beginning of 2022, almost 60% of American workers are working from home all or most of the time and they are doing this by choice rather than necessity. 

In fact, among those who have access to their workplaces, more cite a preference for working from home than a concern about exposure to the coronavirus.

2022: The Work From Anywhere Revolution

For the first time, millions of people can now live anywhere as remote and hybrid work situations untether many people from fixed office locations. Here are some of the most popular work locations in a post-pandemic world.



There’s no place like home.

Despite 58% of remote workers receiving a stipend from work to set up a home office, 71% of remote workers surveyed by Craftjack “improvise” their home workspaces, from the bed to the kitchen counter to even the closet.


Co-working spaces

The popularity (and importance) of co-working spaces has skyrocketed in the post-pandemic world, and not just for entrepreneurs and freelancers, but especially for companies. 

As an alternative to using a remote work stipend for a home office, many remote workers are using the funds for a new office home at WeWork.


Third Spaces (aka anywhere with a wifi connection)

For the rest of remote workers who don’t want to pay for a co-working space or be at home, they are finding refuge in a third space (a coffee shop, bar, hotel, brewery, or practically anywhere with a strong internet connection).


Where are Brand Federation consultants working?

At Brand Federation, we have a network of independent consultants from around the world. Here are some of their favorite places to work.

Kim Baker, Engagement Lead

“Outside patio. Dog included : )”

kim baker remote

Kelly O'Keefe, Founding Managing Partner

“My porch is my favorite place for responding to email.” 

kelly o'keefe remote

“My favorite place to write is here:”

kelly o'keefe remote 2

Paul Atienza, Digital Strategist

“A lot of places! This month, I’m working from my parents’ kitchen counter while visiting.”



The Future of Where People Work

The pandemic forced many businesses to adopt new digital technologies and ways of working to continue operating throughout the public health crisis. Four years ago, Brand Federation intentionally launched its business on virtual work’s feasibility and flexibility with a remote team of independent branding and marketing consultants across the world. 

Here are some ways work flexibility has helped our business:

  • Gain access to the best talent around the world.
  • Allow colleagues to live their best lives, resulting in them delivering their best work.
  • Get to know clients and colleagues on a more personal level.
  • Build an incredibly strong culture.

(To learn more about how Brand Federation built a strong culture remotely, read our blog post on building organizational culture in a virtual world.)

As the world enters into the post-pandemic period, we’re going to see different ways of work become more commonplace – from the office to the kitchen counter to a co-working space to practically anywhere with a wifi connection (to maybe even the metaverse).

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