Suzy Rohler

Suzy Rohler values collaboration, the excitement of brand strategy activations, home improvement projects, and time with her extended family.

Suzy Rohler

What is your role at Brand Federation?

I’m an Engagement and Strategy Lead.

What work are you doing now, and what about it inspires you?

I’m working with an established non-profit to activate a new and exciting brand strategy to engage visitors, educators, and the general public. I’ve enjoyed learning while helping the organization deepen its brand commitment through immersive onsite experiences, expansive historical collections, and various digital platforms. It’s hard not to be inspired by the organization’s passion for its mission and its commitment to embracing the opportunities the new strategy presents.

What superpower do you bring your clients and colleagues?

I believe in the strength of collaboration and the power innate in every person to uncover solutions to any challenge. My superpower is honing in on those opportunities and helping people and organizations recognize, embrace, and use their superpowers for good.

Why did you join the Brand Federation team?

I have mad respect for the leadership and team at the Brand Federation. Having worked in marketing and communications for nearly 25 years, the people of Brand Federation are the ones I’ve admired and followed throughout my career. I’m honored to work with such a smart, witty, and nice group of folks. The business model is so wonderfully innovative and allows me the flexibility to work with a variety of clients.


Have you watched a series lately that you’d recommend?

Obviously, I look forward to every episode of Beer & Brands and really enjoyed the first episode of The Huddle. Smartless is up next on my podcast list. I’m re-prioritizing reading and finished Cody Keenan’s Grace, which outlines his role as chief speechwriter for Barack Obama. It was a great read!


What gets your energy and time outside of work?

My immediate and extended families are a vital part of my life. My daughter and husband are two of my most favorite people. I enjoy spending time with them and tackling whatever comes our way. I also love gardening and home improvement projects (I’m no Bob Vila, but I try!).

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