Value Gap Analysis

Helping associations maximize the value of membership

If you’re like most association executives, you’re always seeking opportunities to add value to your membership.

In our work with associations across multiple industries, we’ve identified the five areas that represent the greatest opportunities to strengthen your relationship with current members and attract new ones. 

Value Gap Analysis shows you precisely where your association delivers on these five areas for members and prospects and where it falls short. VGA also assesses your performance against other associations in your industry. The result is clear, actionable data that defines the strengths you can leverage and the gaps you need to close to maximize the value of membership.

A Strategic Operations Roadmap for Associations

The VGA generates a roadmap for association leaders that becomes the foundation for strategic planning. It pinpoints exactly where your association can leverage advantages, shore-up weaknesses, and deploy resources to provide value in ways that keep members engaged and recruit new ones. 

Associations that Have Closed Value Gaps

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“Brand Federation’s Value Gap Analysis process revealed the areas where we can maximize value for our members and it’s helping us create a new strategy to revitalize and grow the IARA. Brand Federation’s strategic partnership has been invaluable to me and the leadership of the IARA.”

Jeff Bescher

President, International Automotive Remarketers Alliance
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