5 Value Drivers for Associations

Here are the 5 value drivers where the Value Gap Analysis pinpoints where and how your association provides value to members and where it's falling short.

Value Gap Analysis

If you’re an association leader, you likely ask yourself one question repeatedly.

“Are we maximizing value for our members?” 

We’ve got the answer.

Our proprietary methodology, Value Gap Analysis, pinpoints where and how your association provides value to members and where it's falling short. The result is a strategic operations roadmap to maximizing the value of membership.

5 Critical Drivers, One Actionable Plan

The VGA examines member perceptions, leadership goals, and competitive offerings to score performance on five key value drivers essential to members of any association. The result of the analysis reveals key strengths to lean into and deficiencies to address, showing leaders the way forward to stronger member recruitment and retention. 


The “collision opportunities” created for members to share ideas, learn new skills, and advance their careers and organizations (ex., hosting industry conferences, providing opportunities for networking, etc.).


The sharing of news, research, trend data, and information that keeps member organizations moving forward (ex. providing and sharing industry knowledge that keeps members abreast of business and industry trends).


The development of a workforce pipeline through training and recruitment (ex., nurturing young professionals, providing training and certification, etc.).


The advancement and protection of members’ collective interests (ex., serving as the voice of the industry in the press, lobbying on your behalf, etc.).


The setting of industry standards guide how members conduct business (ex., providing enhanced credibility for you company, setting quality standards for the industry, etc.).

A Roadmap to Stronger Associations

Association leaders that know where they deliver value to members – and where they don’t – see clearly where to take their organization. Those that lack the VGA’s insight are guessing.

VGA delivers the knowledge and insight you need to strengthen a foundation that supports long-term, sustainable, and profitable growth.

But don't just take our word for the Value Gap Analysis.

“Brand Federation’s Value Gap Analysis process revealed the areas where we can maximize value for our members and it’s helping us create a new strategy to revitalize and grow the IARA. Brand Federation’s strategic partnership has been invaluable to me and the leadership of the IARA.”
Jeff Bescher, President of the International Automotive Remarketers Alliance

A few of the examples that have benefitted from the VGA process and our expertise in strategic planning for associations include: the International Automotive Remarketers Alliance, the American Institute of Architects, the Society of Industrial Office Realtors, the American Pet Products Association, and the Virginia Council of CEOs.

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