Burger King Fires Up Grill for Crypto

Brand Federation's Matt Williams shares his take on Burger King's new loyalty program that offers participants a shot at winning cryptocurrency.

Burger King Crypto

 At first glance, the new Burger King loyalty promotion for its Royal Perks members may seem a bit… weird.

Buy a burger or some chicken fries for a chance to win cryptocurrency via the Robinhood app?

A little unexpected from the home of the Whopper, but I think it’s brilliant.

Robinhood, a mobile app for buying and selling stocks, options, and cryptocurrency, has nearly 19 million active users whose average age is 31. It’s a young, tech-savvy group that squeezed the shorts on GameStop a few months ago and that craves a piece of the action in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies making headlines.

Burger King’s promotion simply sandwiches the enthusiasm of digital-native millennials, a demographic the chain wants to serve for a long time to come. It gives hungry Robinhood users exactly what they want – lunch and a shot at owning a piece of valuable digital currency. Can you blame them? Cryptocurrency's market cap topped $3 trillion today.

Fire up the grill and make sure the WiFi works, BK. I look forward to seeing how the campaign performs. 

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