Matt Williams

Brand Federation partner Matt Williams is living his best life: teaching at William & Mary, making music, and building brands that make a difference.

Matt Williams

What is your role at Brand Federation?

I am a managing partner and chief growth officer.

What work are you doing now and what about it inspires you?

I am working on a bunch of client work, and it’s all inspiring to me for different reasons. Part of what’s great about this business is you get exposed to a lot of different businesses, and get to work on so many different types of challenges. At the end of the day, no matter what business we are working with, the principle is the same: a well thought out and well articulated brand can make a difference to the business and in the lives of the people it interacts with. I find that really motivating and inspiring.

What superpower do you bring to your clients and colleagues?

I would say my superpower is breaking situations down into their pieces and understanding how those pieces interact. I would call it component thinking. Then I’m pretty good at putting the implications of those interactions into words.

Why did you join the Brand Federation team?

I’ve known Kelly for almost 30 years now. I’ve always liked and respected him. When he called and gave me the opportunity to join as a partner I jumped at it because I knew that together we could do really terrific things. Brand Federation represents the future because the model is suited to today’s workforce in a way that I don’t think most other consultants or agencies are. I think there is so much potential when you adapt to change rather than resist it, and that’s what we’ve done here.

Have you read a book lately that you’d recommend?

I would recommend the book Principles by Ray Dalio. He’s a billionaire hedge fund manager who’s got a very interesting, simple, insightful way of thinking that applies to anyone interested in business no matter what business they’re in.

What gets your energy and time outside of work?

I teach marketing at William and Mary. I really love teaching. I also play the bass in a band here in Richmond, called Acoustic Underground. We play in various bars and breweries around town. When I’m not doing either of those things, I’m hanging out with my wife who’s the most awesome person I know.

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