Rachel Street

Rachel Street keeps the team on task and client projects moving forward. You can also find her flying somewhere new or fostering rescue animals.

Rachel Street

What is your role at Brand Federation and what does that mean?

I’m an engagement strategist with a huge focus on project management. I support every stage of client projects, including kickoff, research, strategy development, and implementation. It’s great to see the project from start to finish and I play a key role in coordinating and managing all the resources necessary to keep them moving. I get to take part in everything, develop the timelines, establish objectives, and make sure everyone involved knows what we’re working toward. It’s fun.  

What superpower do you bring clients and colleagues?

Organization. I’m an organize-aholic. My colleague Kim Baker called me the Marie Kondo of Brand Federation. Whether a routine check-in call with a client or a 200-person Zoom with multiple speakers, I think through every step to make sure things go smoothly for our clients and our team.

What’s your secret?

What works for me is a simple notebook. I write everything down. At the beginning of each day I take a few minutes to think about what I want and need to accomplish, create to-do lists, and commence tackling tasks. I love crossing things off my list.

What about the work is most rewarding to you?

Together with our clients we get excited about ideas and possibilities, but there’s no way they’ll happen without proper organization, accountability, and management to hit deadlines and achieve our goals. I love playing a central role in bringing our collaborative ideas to life and experiencing the difference and impact we make for our clients.

Why did join the Brand Federation team?

Because of the people. It’s a team of influential, accomplished people who are industry leaders and most importantly, great role models. I’m grateful to be working alongside them. There’s a wonderful respect for the work/life balance here, too. We work very hard, but we work smart, too, and pick each other up whenever needed.

What gets your time and energy outside of work?

Cats. Everyone knows I love my cats. I have two, and recently started fostering both cats and dogs. It’s great to get these animals out of a cage for a few weeks and set them up for a long life in a loving home. I also love to travel and to cook. My family lives in the UK and I’m a dual citizen, so I’ve been fortunate enough to travel back and forth over the years. I’ve visited six of seven continents and hope to resume travel when we’ve put the pandemic behind us. Learning about other cultures and exploring their cuisine is a great way to destress.

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