Erin Bishop

Erin Bishop loves to explore human behaviors and find meaning in the interconnections of culture, family, economics, and more.

Erin Bishop

It explains an accomplished market research career and a new leadership role at Brand Federation. Let's get to know her.

What is your role at Brand Federation?

Brand Federation is the best in the business at bringing insights to life in powerful branding, and I’m bringing my 25 years in market research and insights to build that practice. As Managing Director, I’ll also work with Kelly, Matt, and Rian to plot a healthy path for our company, consultants, and clients.

What work are you doing now and what about it inspires you?

I love, love, love exploring and thinking about the levers of human behavior. How to pull meaning and story from swirling and interconnected forces — culture, family, economics, psychology, mood, outlook. I’m energized by story, meaning, and how the two together bring alchemical change.


What superpower do you bring your clients and colleagues?

I have a lot of energy, I’m quick to connect to people, and I can read a meeting. My instincts and ethics are strong, and I love doing what I do.  


Why did you join the Brand Federation team?

I am intrigued by the business model and how we can uncover fantastic insights for our clients by working with such broad talent across the country (and the world!). The new ideas don’t stop coming, and, coupled with the experience and instincts of the rest of the dedicated team, I think we can build something really powerful.  


Have you listened to a podcast lately that you’d recommend?

Beer and Brands
is a pretty great podcast I’d recommend! Otherwise, my favorite podcasts are On Being (with Krista Tippet), and New Yorker Fiction. Both choices probably reflect my fascination with meaning and story.

What gets your energy and time outside of work?

My partner and I have a bunch of chickens and a big garden, and I’m always surprised by how much time and energy I can give (and receive) from tending to them. When he’s home, my teenage son gets a big chunk of my loving energy and always surprises me with his perspective. And finally, I’m active in the Conscious Dying movement in the US — I’m a trained End of Life Doula, and an active volunteer with EOL support organizations.


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The Huddle is an audio podcast series by Brand Federation where Rian Chandler-Dovis (Chief Product Officer at Brand Federation) talks one-on-one with branding and marketing professions about the lives they're living thanks to the work they do. In this episode, Rian chats with Erin Bishop about end of life support, how she deeply connects with her environment, and some of the ways she gets out of the grind.

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